That’s me and my dad, Charl. We love plants and the art of garden-making.  Our dog Jasper loves gardens too, but mostly for taking naps.

I started my landscape and garden design practice with my dad in 2016 in Cape Town. Our work explores naturalistic plantings as they relate to place and people, fostering emotional connection.

Mulling over the subtleties of a multilayered experience, we interpret and compose, free from formal conventions, guided only by horticultural possibility.

We acknowledge sustainability, climate change and nature deficit as matters of today and seek to increase the ecological diversity of the sites where we work.

By building our own projects we get to connect the conceptual with the concrete, ensuring a seamless integration between ideas and realisation.

Because I personally do the design, plant sourcing and soft landscaping/planting work on-site, the number of projects I can take on is limited. I have found this an ideal approach for the more discerning client. This also means that I’m not always able to answer calls/emails immediately, but will respond as soon as possible. – Guillaume


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The Design Process

Whether you plan to enhance just part of your garden or transform the whole area we can tailor our garden design service to suit your requirements. The design process is briefly outlined below.

1. Onsite consultation

During this initial onsite consultation, we define the scope, brief, and budget of the project.

2. Design proposal

Following the initial meeting, a summary of the project is sent along with a fee proposal for the design work.

3. Concept plan

A conceptual plan is developed for the general layout of the garden to clarify how spaces will be arranged.

4. Design development

Once the concept is finalised, additional documentation can be developed to bring your garden to life. This can include a master plan, planting plan and schedule, working drawings and other construction details.

5. Quotation for implementation

Following the completion of your design, a quote for construction and implementation will be handed over for your consideration.

6. Construction

We implement your garden design, along with any additional specialist contractors as required.

7. Maintenance

Once the garden is complete, we can provide specialised garden management on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Horticultural Services


  • Formative pruning
  • Specialist pruning of roses, hydrangeas and fruit trees
  • Small to medium tree pruning and tree surgery

Soil improvement and optimising growth

  • Composting
  • Fertilising
  • Mulching


  • New and additional planting improvements, transplanting or seasonal planting
  • Sourcing suitable, quality plants for various conditions and garden types (coastal, indigenous/water-wise, small spaces) from a variety of reputable wholesale nurseries around the Cape
  • Planting following tried-and-tested horticultural practice

Weed control

  • Selective herbicide application for annual broadleaf weeds and grasses in turf areas
  • Non-selective herbicide application for weeds on paved and stone areas

Pest and disease control

  • Insecticide and fungicide applications to combat pests, fungal and bacterial diseases