Low maintenance front garden in Klaradyn

This property in Klaradyn Retirement Village had all the grass in front of the house removed in favour of the low maintenance, low water-use medium of crushed stone.

The aim was to break up the rectangular shape of the site and create a sense of flow, yet holding the eye within the site. This was achieved by creating a gentle, visual curve in front of the house serving as a planting bed, a centre focal point that would provide height, with a low berm and a group of pots on either side to punctuate the boundaries of the site.

The curved planting bed against the front windows was achieved by using powder-coated galvanised steel edging, filling that portion with light grey stone to contrast the colour of the house and the brown stone used for the majority of the area. Sparse planting with spaces between allows for the different plant forms to be enhanced and as the plants grow taller, they will visually break the lines of the walls. Special here include the hardy Aloe arborescens, Eriocephalus africanus, Carissa macrocarpa and Coleonema album. A variety of succulents and vygies was planted in between as to not obscure views through the windows.

A low berm was created on the right next to the driveway to give contrast to the ground modelling, also providing a more vertical backdrop for the spreading vygies that will bloom during spring. The Aloidendron barberae surrounded by river rocks and circular stepping stones combines to make up the focal point of the site, the large tree aloe providing sculptural interest.